WABIDA - Washington Branch of the International Dyslexia Association

Washington State Branch

Serving: Washington, Idaho and Western Montana

WABIDA Board Members

Jessica Ruger

Jessica Ruger - President

Jessica is currently the Director of Enrollment Management and School Counselor at Hamlin Robinson School. She is excited to be on the board to help find and promote reliable resources to benefit those with dyslexia, as well as to aid in spreading awareness and education to the greater community. Jessica has a Master in Education in Guidance and Counseling and a Washington State ESA Certification in School Counseling.

Jamie Geddis

Jamie Geddis - Vice President

Jamie is the current Center Director at Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, Bellevue

As a member of the WABIDA board, I am looking forward to connecting those impacted by dyslexia to information, resources, and most importantly, to each other. WABIDA not only provides excellent information about dyslexia, but also brings together educators, families, students, and adults with dyslexia as a community with a common goal. I am looking forward to taking on an active role in expanding the WABIDA community and promoting WABIDA's mission. Jamie has a MA in Linguistics from the University of Washington.

Catey Roe

Catey Roe - Treasurer

Catey is the current middle school teacher and summer school coordinator for Hamlin Robinson School. Catey has been a classroom teacher and tutor of students with learning differences for 8 years. She loves her work, and is dedicated to her professional growth and development. She wanted to join the WABIDA board to enhance her work by providing perspective outside her school and to allow for wider-scale learning and collaboration. In addition, she felt that her extensive training in working with students with learning differences and her academic background in cognitive science would be a positive contribution to the board. Catey has her MS inclusion Childhood Education from the University of Rochester and a WA state Certificate in elementary and special ed.

Toni Altug

Toni Altug - General Board Member

Toni currently lives in Turkey and is working on adapting the Slingerland approach for the families in Turkey. Toni wanted to be involved in an organization that raises awareness about dyslexia. It was also a chance to get involved in providing proper learning opportunities for people with dyslexia and those who work with them. Toni is Slingerland trained and holds a BA in Education and Special Education.

Andrea Archer

Andrea Archer - General Board Member

Management Consultant Professional, Owner Archer Consulting Group, has been a member of the Board of Directors, International Dyslexia Association, WA Branch since 2013. Andrea and her husband, Jon have a middle school child who is dyslexic, and attends Hamlin Robinson School in Seattle, WA. Andrea worked for several years in executive management for the State of Washington and over 17 years with Northwest Airlines previously. Andrea has been active in the Non-Profit community and currently serves on the Board of Trustees for Hamlin Robinson School. Andrea attended Seattle University for her undergraduate and is pursuing graduate studies there today.

Bonnie Meyer

Bonnie Meyer - General Board Member

Bonnie is currently the Reading Specialist/Vice Principal of Our Lady of the Lake Parish School and the Executive Director of the Slingerland Institute for Literacy. Bonnie wants to Support the mission of WABIDA by serving the families and children who would benefit from resources, support, and encouragement. Bonnie has a BA from the University of Washington and is a Certified Slingerland Instructor of Teachers.

Wendy Popa

Wendy Popa - General Board Member

Wendy Popa graduated from the University of Utah with a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology and has been practicing in the field since 2003. She is co-Founder, co-CEO, and Director of Language and Learning at Winston Center for Attention, Language and Learning in Spokane, WA. Mrs. Popa is a licensed speech therapist in the state of Washington and maintains a certificate of clinical certification through the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. Since her own child's diagnosis of dyslexia, she has chosen to specialize in reading and written language intervention. Mrs. Popa is a Certified Dyslexia Advocate and currently serves as a board member of the Washington Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, Decoding Dyslexia Washington, and Enlighten: Dyslexia Understood, a Spokane-based nonprofit providing education to parents and professionals.


Stacy Turner - General Board Member

Jessica Schwartz

Jessica Schwartz - General Board Member

Jessica has been involved with IDA since 2008, serving as a board intern and then board volunteer for the New Jersey Branch (NJIDA). During her time at NJIDA, Jessica provided public relations consultation and event assistance. She also designed and managed the New Jersey branch website from 2010 to 2017. Now living in Seattle, Jessica is excited to continue her involvement with IDA at WABIDA. Jessica has a BS in Communication from Boston University and is currently completing her Masters in Public Administration at the Evans School at the University of Washington (expected graduation June 2018). Her focus is nonprofit management and social innovation, with a particular interest in literacy and education.

Diana Vaniotis

Diana Vaniotis - General Board Member

Diana is the current Learning Specialist for Forest Ridge Middle School where she provides instructional support for girls in grades five through eight. Following ten years as a reading specialist/evaluator in private practice in California, Diana moved to Seattle and was hired as the first learning specialist for St. Thomas School in Medina. Now in her fourth year at Forest Ridge, Diana continues to relish the connections she makes with the girls, their parents and the educational community in school. She is excited to have the opportunity to share her considerable experience and training with the community at large through outreach and engagement as a board member. Diana Vaniotis, formally a certified K-12 teacher in California, holds an Educational Therapist certificate from UCSC and MA Ed. in special education from SJSU.

Tari Littlefield

Tari Littlefield - General Board Member

After working in the airline industry for 20 years, Tari wanted the opportunity to have the same schedule as her two children. She retired from Alaska Airlines as a Leadership Trainer and became a part of the Sumner School District Special Education team and work as Administrative Support for 504 Program, Special Education and the Highly Capable Program. Tari is a current Technology Specialist for the Sumner School District, and focusses on training Classified staff on technology. She has a passion for event planning, helping staff in their professional development and is dedicated to her own professional growth. She wanted to join the WABIDA board to utilize her skills in technology and provide technology processes to enhance the communication and support structure for the group. Additionally, Tari has a passion to educate the public about dyslexia and is excited to provide resources to communities about resources.

Dite Bray

Dite Bray - General Board Member

Dite Bray is the owner of Ladder Learning Services, a dyslexia tutoring business based in Atlanta. As a child, she attended a school for children with learning disabilities in Iowa because of her dysgraphia and dyscalculia. Helping students with learning challenges realize their potential has always been a passion, so when she was hired to work for a dyslexia tutoring non-profit in 2008 after getting her Master's in Social Work, all the pieces came together. Since then, she has worked on learning all she can about how to best help students and adults with dyslexia as well as helping their parents access the best services. She is excited to use her background in non-profit work to help further the mission of the IDA through the board. Currently, she lives in Olympia, WA with her husband, two cats, and one dog.