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Washington State Branch

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WABIDA Spring Conference

March 10, 2018 

Bellevue College 
3000 Landerholm Circle SE
Bellevue, WA 98007-6406


Unlocking Understanding: Vocabulary and Comprehension Instruction
During this one-day workshop, participants will learn instructional strategies for teaching vocabulary and comprehension using reading material from any subject area. Scaffolds will be presented to support differentiated instruction so that participants can use the strategies to support Tier I instruction for all students and Tier II instruction for students who struggle with literacy.

Target Audience: Grades 4-12, all teachers, parents and administrators

For this workshop, the presenter will use a set of paired texts as a practice activity to show how a combination of vocabulary and comprehension strategies can be used to teach students content literacy skills. The teaching strategies are part of vocabulary and comprehension literacy professional development routines authored by the

Content Vocabulary
Selected strategies from The Key Vocabulary Routine:
- Strategies for previewing unfamiliar words before reading
- How to select specific academic vocabulary to teach in-depth, and three templates     for learning details about these words

Content Reading Comprehension
Selected strategies from The Key Comprehension Routine:
- Top down topic webs used before, during, and after reading
- Main idea skills
- Two column notes from reading
- Summarizing
Joan Sedita is the founder of Keys to Literacy, a literacy professional development organization based in MA. For
over 35 years, Joan has been an experienced educator and nationally recognized teacher trainer. She has authored
multiple literacy professional development programs, including The Key Comprehension Routine, The Key Vocabulary Routine, Keys to Content Writing, Keys to Early Writing, and Keys to Close Reading. Beginning in 1975, she worked for 23 years at the Landmark School, a pioneer in the development of literacy intervention programs. As a teacher, principal, and director of the Outreach Teacher Training Program at Landmark, Joan developed expertise, methods, and instructional programs that address the literacy needs of students in grades K-12. Joan was one of the three lead trainers in MA for the Reading First Program and is a LETRS author and trainer. She is also an adjunct instructor at Endicott College. Joan received her M.Ed. in Reading from Harvard University and her B.A. from Boston College.


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